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Turkey to cancel licenses of media outlets disobeying gag orders

The Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) will be able cancel licenses of Turkish media outlets as part of new decrees issued on Friday night if the media outlets found disobeying gag orders.

According to the new decrees numbered 679, 680 and 681, RTÜK is authorized to stop publication or broadcasting of media outlets for one day if they found reporting on incidents on which gag orders issued.

If the media outlets continue to violate gag order for the second time in one year, then RTÜK will stop their broadcasting for 5 days and for 15 days if the violation took place one more time.

RTÜK will cancel the license of the media outlet if it violates the gag order for the fourth time in same year.

Recently on Thursday, RTÜK imposed a gag order on news coverage of a terrorist attack in İzmir where a police officer and a courthouse employee were killed.

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