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Only Diyarbakır natives to be let in to Amedspor stands in Turkey Cup match

An Amedspor's supporter waves a scarf to cheer his team prior to the Turkish Cup football match between Amed Spor and Fenerbahce Zirrat on February 9, 2016 in Diyarbakir. The Turkish Football Federation said on February 5, 2016 it had suspended a Kurdish player for statements considered "ideological propaganda" on the conflict in the Kurdish-majority southeast, adding to a string of cases cracking down on freedom of expression in Turkey. / AFP / ILYAS AKENGIN

The Ankara Police Department announced on Wednesday that only Diyarbakır-born Amedspor fans would be permitted to watch a Turkey Cup match to be played between Gençlerbirliği and Amedspor from the Amedspor stands.

Following a call by Gençlerbirliği fans on Twitter for additional security for the match, the Ankara police said in a statement that fans whose IDs are not registered in Diyarbakır would not be allowed to watch the game from the section allocated to Amedspor fans.

The Ankara Police Department also increased security measures for the match due to past incidents that occurred between Ankara teams and Amedspor.

The game between Gençlerbirliği and Amedspor was postponed due to the death of Amedspor captain Şehmus Özer in a car accident on Dec. 21.

In April of this year, five administrators of Amedspor were violently attacked by the administrators and fans of Ankaragücü following their game in Ankara.

The incident took place after Amedspor won the game 2-1. Ankaragücü fans also attacked the bus carrying Amedspor players after the match.

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