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Scriptwriter fired for insulting Erdoğan’s son

An author and scriptwriter announced on Twitter on Monday that she had been fired by a production company after a court ruled for payment of damages to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s son over a complaint that she had insulted him.

Seray Şahiner was ordered in February to pay TL 2,000 to Bilal Erdoğan for a column she wrote in the Birgün daily calling Erdoğan’s son “over intelligent,” apparently in a sarcastic manner. She was detained in December at a Bursa hotel for failing to pay the damages to Erdoğan’s son. The Aloft Hotel reportedly provided the room key to the police, who entered her room without permission, Şahiner later said.

Şahiner wrote on Twitter today that because of her legal battle with Erdoğan’s son and her subsequent detention, the Limon Film company had terminated her contract as a scriptwriter for a TV series titled “Aşk ve Gurur,” which airs on the staunchly pro-Erdoğan ATV station.


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