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Jailed Diyarbakır Co-mayor Kışanak faces 230-year prison sentence

Diyarbakır's former co-mayors Gülten Kışanak (L) and Fırat Anlı

The Diyarbakır Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office is seeking 230 years in prison for Diyarbakır Co-Mayor Gültan Kışanak, who was removed from her post and subsequently jailed last month on charges of “founding and managing of an armed terrorist group” and “disseminating propaganda for a terrorist organization.”

The 21-page indictment accuses Kışanak of “spreading propaganda for a terrorist organization” on 41 separate occasions, while also accusing her of “attending illegal demonstrations and marches despite orders to disperse.”

A Diyarbakır court arrested Kışanak and Fırat Anlı, the co-mayors of Diyarbakır, late on Oct. 30, the fifth day of their detention.

The government appointed a trustee to the Diyarbakır Municipality on Nov. 1 after the democratically elected mayors were arrested.

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