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Police in Siirt release detained BBC Turkish reporter

Hatice Kamer

BBC Turkish service reporter Hatice Kamer, who was detained in Turkey’s Siirt province on Saturday at a police checkpoint while on her way to report on a landslide at a copper mine, was released on Sunday.

Following her release Kamer, who also writes for Voice of America under the name Khajijan Farqin, said she was in good condition, BBC Turkish reported on Sunday.

The police did not cite any reason for the detention of Kamer, who was taken to a police station in the Şirvan district of Siirt.

Meanwhile, reactions against the detention of yet another journalist in Turkey soared on social media. Co-chair of the Greens in the European Parliament Rebecca Harms and Union of Journalists in Germany President Frank Überall were among the people who criticized the targeting of a journalist whose only purpose was to report from a mine collapse zone.

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