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Court rules to arrest alleged serial killer Atalay Filiz

Atalay Filiz

The court on duty ruled on Monday to arrest the suspected serial killer, Atalay Filiz, who was captured in the western city of İzmir on Sunday.

Filiz is the prime suspect of three unsolved murders and have been on Turkey’s agenda in recent weeks while he was on the run.

After his capture in İzmir, Filiz was brought to İstanbul. He was referred to Prosecutor’s Office for sworn testimony after his officially processed at the police department. Then he was referred to court for arrest on charges of premeditated murder.

Filiz is accused of the May 27 murder of history teacher Fatma Kayıkçı in İstanbul, 2013 killing of Göktuğ Demirarslan, the son of an army general, and his Russian girlfriend Elena Radchikova in Ankara. He had been in hiding since the death of Kayıkçı, which later revealed his connections to the 2013’s killing of Demirarsland and Radchikova. Filiz’s former girlfriend Olga Seregina, a Russian national, has gone missing several years ago. During his interrogation, the suspect denied any connection with the loss of Seregina.

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